Important Change to Deposit Methods

From June 11 2024, Government Regulations prohibit the use of credit cards and payments linked to a credit card, including digital wallets, for online wagering. This includes the use of credit cards to fund Apple Pay and PayPal e-wallet deposit methods. Debit cards continue to be permitted and are not impacted by these changes. See the Government Regulations here:]

  • Debit cards transact from money in a person’s everyday or savings account and deduct funds directly from the account in real time.

  • Credit cards work like a small loan and transact using the bank’s money up to a set credit card limit. Any money spent becomes a debt that needs to be repaid to the bank.

    Please note- To ensure compliance with the Regulations, Sportsbet will restrict deposits from credit cards and credit card deposits via digital wallets from June 10 2024

  • BPAY deposits using credit cards will no longer be allowed from Thursday 6th June, 2024

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