How To Deposit Via PayPal

Please note that your PayPal account email must match your Sportsbet account email, otherwise you will not be able to link your PayPal successfully. 

Steps to deposit via PayPal can be found below: 

  1. While on the Sportsbet home page, navigate to your balance, click on your balance then below click on Deposit.
  2. Displayed will be a number of deposit methods and you will need to click Add New.
  3. Select the PayPal option, if it is your first time depositing via PayPal you will be redirected and required to log into your PayPal account (ensure that you are using the same PayPal email as your Sportsbet account and that you have a Debit card on the PayPal as bank accounts are not permitted).
  4. Follow the prompts, select the amount you would like to deposit, and finally click confirm to deposit your funds.

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