Why Can't I Cash Out My Same Game Multi?

Cash Out is an additional product offered by Sportsbet that can be unavailable at times for a few different reasons, but is ultimately at the discretion of our Trading Team. There are a few reasons why Cash Out may be unavailable on your Same Game Multi:

  1. Your App is outdated - To use the new Same Game Multi Cash Out product, you'll need to make sure you're on the latest version of the app! If you're not sure, click here for information on how to update your app. 
  2. Cash Out Unavailable - There will be periods of time during a match where Cash Out may not be offered by our traders similarly to regular Cash Out. Common situations where this occur will be the last few minutes of a game.
  3. Market Types - Some market types are unable to be used with Cash Out! It's important that you check your selections are eligible for Cash Out by confirming the Cash Out Symbolmceclip2.pngis next to each market! Some popular markets to note aren't eligible for live Cash Out are First Goal Scorer, Quarter Lines & Player Disposal Under/Over Markets. 
  4. Multi Bets - AFL SGM Cash Out is only available for single Same Game Multi Bets. If your SGM is in a multi, you will be unable to cash it out. Only single AFL Same Game Multis will be eligible for Cash Out. 
  5. Feed Errors - The AFL SGM Cash Out product relies on a third party feed in order to operate. In rare cases, if there are issues with the feed, SGM Cash Out may be unavailable for an extended period until the issue is resolved.

Otherwise, Cash Out may become unavailable if the market or event has:

  • Been suspended by our trading team during play
  • Been suspended by our trading team before play
  • Resulted, but not yet settled
  • Made unavailable for betting - This generally happens towards the end of a game, if a game is extremely tight or if a game is heavily one sided!


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