Greyhound Match Races

What are Greyhound Match Races?

Greyhound Match Races are different to normal Greyhound races! The difference is, all 8 dogs do not race each other. The races are split into heats where two dogs will race each other Head to Head! This means that there'll be 4 head to head races. Numbers 1,3,5 and 7 will exit the 1 box and and numbers 2,4,6 and 8 will exit the 3 box in their respective heats.

How is the winner determined?

The overall winner for the match race series is determined by the times of each runner. Whoever has the fastest time out of all the head to head runs will be settled as the winner of the race, second fastest for 2nd and so on. This applies to all exotic markets as well.

How do I bet on the winner/exotics/same race multi?

In this example, Angle Park Race 3 is the 2022 SA V All Stars Match Race F. The overall race card will look as normal and you can select the overall winner from there as normal along with any exotics and same race multis.


How do I bet on the Head to Head matches/heats?

There'll be separate markets available for the Match Race series generally underneath the track that it's at. In this example above Angle Park Race 3 is holding the heat series, there will be another track/market listed underneath Angle Park with the title of the Match Race Series, in this case "Angle Park Match Race" and you can go into the markets there to bet on the head to head. 


Clicking into the Angle Park Match Races will allow you to bet on the Head to Head races like below


Where can I see heat time results?

Heat times may be available on Greyhound resulting websites such as or otherwise the official track results, these are not available on our website. 

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