What Is An Activity Statement

An Activity Statement is a statement that summarises transaction history and betting history of your account.

All customers will receive a a monthly activity statement sent to the email linked to their account.  This is in accordance with The National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF) Guidelines which aim to minimise harm caused from online wagering.  It is a mandatory requirement for Sportsbet to send out a monthly activity statement.

The statement will contain specific details of transactions such as dates, times, descriptions, odds, account balance and any win/loss information for a monthly period.

Please note, if you have not used your account you will not receive monthly Activity Statements for the relevant month.  Otherwise, you can request a Statement (including for any other time period) at any time via our Customer Service team. 

For example, if you placed a futures bet on Manchester City to win the premier league (4 months before it will be settled), you will receive a statement for the following months. 

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