Bet With Mates Offers & Promotions

Are group accounts eligible for promotions and offers?

  • Yes. All publicly advertised offers from Sportsbet and specials will be available to eligible groups, such as Cash Out, Same Game and Same Race Multis.
    However, you may receive targeted offers or tokens to your personal account, which are not transferable to your group accounts.

Who in the group can use the bonus bets and promotions?

  • Group generosity is equally accessible amongst members, which allows any member to use any or all of the promotions the group is eligible for. Rules such as who places bets, what promotions are used, and what members bet on are up to your group to decide and manage.

Another member used the promotion I wanted to use; can you cancel it?

  • We cannot cancel any bets placed or return any promotions once they are used by a member. Bonus Bets and Promotions are available for use by any member of the group and the use of which is at the discretion of the group members. 

Can I use bonus bets or promotions from my personal account in the group?

  • Unfortunately, you will not be able to use any promotions or bonus bets from your personal account in your group. Your group may occasionally receive promotions or bonus bets directly, which any member can use within the group.

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