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Are group accounts eligible for promotions and offers?

Yes. All publicly advertised offers from Sportsbet and specials will be available to eligible groups, such as Cash Out, Same Game and Same Race Multis.
However, you may receive targeted offers or tokens to your personal account, which are not transferable to your group accounts.

Can I use a Bonus Bet and/or Promotions from my personal account?

You cannot transfer and use Bonus Bets or Promotions from your personal account in your group betting. However, your group may receive promotions including Bonus Bets for use by your group.


Who in the group can use the Bonus Bets or Promotions?

Group generosity is equally accessible amongst members, which allows any member to use any or all of the promotions the group is eligible for.


Another member used the Bonus Bet/Promotion that I intended to use, can you cancel it?

We cannot cancel any bets placed, or return any promotions once they are used by a member. Bonus Bets and Promotions are available for use by any member of the group and the use of which is at the discretion of the group members. 


The Bet With Mates Social Contract

Importantly, it is solely the responsibility of the Group and its Members to decide, set and administer any particular Group betting protocols they see fit, including any betting limits imposed on Members (“Social Contract”). By using the Bet With Mates product, all Group Members acknowledge and agree that it is solely their responsibility to form the Social Contract in relation to the Group. The Group and/or Member(s) expressly acknowledge they have no recourse against Sportsbet nor the Northern Territory Racing Commission (and neither Sportsbet nor the Northern Territory Racing Commission will entertain or consider any complaint or dispute) in relation to any conduct by a Group Member which may be in breach of a Social Contract (including, without limitation, placing a bet, betting an amount in excess of any limit, or Cashing out a bet) on a Bet With Mates Group.  For the avoidance of any doubt, this condition 5 will apply whether or not a Group has agreed any Social Contract or not.

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