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What are Exclusive Odds?

Exclusive Odds are pumped up odds that we're giving especially to you to help boost your winnings.

How do I Find Exclusive Odds?

If you receive an Exclusive Odds offer, login to your account and navigate to the market outlined  and the selection will be highlighted in gold. If Exclusive Odds are available to you we will let you know through your preferred contact method.

How do I Place a Bet with Exclusive Odds?

Login to your account and navigate to the market outlined in your Exclusive odds offer, add the selection to your Bet Slip and it will be highlighted in gold.

  • Exclusive Odds are available to bet on Single, Win only bets with a Max stake
  • You are able to Fold Bets with Exclusive odds, but can't use it with Bonus Bets, Power Play or other promotions. 
  • Exclusive Odds can't be used in Punters club, or Cash out.
  • Bets placed with Exclusive odds are subject to deductions

My Friend Received Exclusive Odds, Why Haven't I?

Exclusive Odds are offers sent at different times, so you won't always be receiving them at the same time as everyone else. This means we can personalise the rewards you receive to your preferences and bring provide offers on markets that interest you.

I'm having trouble Placing a Bet, what do I do?

Try remove other bets in your Betslip and Place your Exclusive Odds bet on its own.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app

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