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What is Feed & how does it work?

Feed is a quick and easy one stop shop to share, copy and discover your next bet from what other punters are betting on. Feed gives you access to see what others are betting on and to give you inspiration on your next bet, or with one click, add another punter’s bet your Betslip! You’ll need to create a profile to get involved and share a bet to Feed and follow other punters.

You can access Feed through the More Menu in your Sportsbet App! Feed will only be available on the Sportsbet App Via the iOS App Store & Android Playstore


How do I create a profile?

Once you’re in Feed homepage you will be able to view parts of Feed however you will need to setup your own profile with a unique profile name to access all the features of Feed. Fill in your unique profile name, pick an Avatar (or we’ll pick one for you if it’s too hard!) and click “Complete Profile” and you’re in!

Before confirming your profile, please be sure to read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ also available here along with the Community Guidelines.

How do I view and share bets with others?

Once your profile is created, you’ve now got access to the largest network of Sports & Racing punters in Australia! When you click on the “Sports” & “Racing” Feeds, you’ll be able to see bets that have been shared by other punters and how many times other punters have copied that bet as well.

If you’re keen on sharing your own bets on Feed, once you’ve placed your bet within the My Bets section there will be a “Post to Feed” button; click that to share it with others on Feed!

How do I follow other profiles?

To follow other punter’s profiles & their bets, you’ll need to have created a profile. If you like a certain profile & their bets, you can follow them by clicking onto their profile name & clicking the follow button (or the follow button directly from Feed). Once you start following profiles, all their shared posts will now appear in your “Following” Feed. You can follow profiles via the “Follow button” next to their profile. Other users of Feed can choose to follow you, so be sure to keep them posted & share your bets! You can choose to unfollow a profile by clicking into their profile clicking “Unfollow”.

How do I copy other people’s bets from Feed?

Within each shared post, the details of the bet will be made available as well as how many other profiles have copied that same bet. Simply hit the copy button and the same bet will go straight to your bet slip; easy as!  Place the bet from your bet slip and you are now part of the crowd.

With each shared post, you’ll be able to see the details of the bet (The selections & the odds) as well as how many other punters have copied the same bet! Simply hit the “Add to Betslip” button and the same bet will be in your Betslip ready to go! Place the bet from your Betslip as normal and you’re on with the crowd!

How do I deactivate my profile?

In your ‘My Profile’ page; click on ‘Edit Profile’ this will prompt you with the Option to ‘Deactivate Profile’ and confirm.  When you deactivate your profile you won’t be able to share bets to Feed or follow other punters. You will be able to ‘Reactivate’ through the ‘My Profile’ page at any time.

Sportsbet Feed Community Rules - Here

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