Sportsbet Feed Terms & Conditions

These Sportsbet Feed (‘SB Feed’) Terms & Conditions were last updated on 14/11/2023.
The SB Feed is governed by these Terms and Conditions (the ‘SB Feed Terms & Conditions’) and the Sportsbet Rules, Terms & Conditions (the ‘Rules’) found Here

1. General

1.1. Sportsbet may make available to you product features (the ‘SB Feed features’) that allow Members to:

1.1.1. create a profile (a ‘SB Feed profile’);
1.1.2. follow other SB Feed profiles; and
1.1.3. use SB Feed profiles to share information about bets and copy other bets,
in accordance with these SB Feed Terms & Conditions.

1.2. You may only use the SB Feed features if you have a current Account which has been verified, operated and used in accordance with the Rules.
1.3. If you use the SB Feed features you agree to these SB Feed Terms & Conditions, and any use of the SB Feed features by you constitutes acceptance of these SB Feed Terms & Conditions.
1.4. All personal information in connection with the SB Feed features will be handled by Sportsbet in accordance with the Rules and Sportsbet’s Privacy Policy.
1.5. Capitalised terms used in these SB Feed Terms & Conditions have the meaning given to them in the Rules unless otherwise defined.

1.6. Any bets with max odds exceeding 100k cannot be shared to Feed from My Bets. 

2. Sportsbet Feed profiles

2.1. To create an SB Feed profile, you must generate a unique username.
2.2. You agree and acknowledge that your username will be displayed publicly including to other Members, and to the extent that SB Feed features provide for you to create your own username it:

2.2.1. must not be offensive, must not impersonate any other person or group, or infringe the rights of Sportsbet or of any third party (including intellectual property rights); and
2.2.2. should not contain any information which can be used to identify you personally, such as email address, date of birth, full name, address, phone number or credit card credentials.

2.3. You can delete or deactivate your SB Feed profile at any time for any reason.
2.4. If you choose to delete your SB Feed profile, you acknowledge and accept that you will no longer be able to use the SB Feed features.
2.5. Upon a ‘short break’ or a ‘long break’ being applied to your Account in relation to Responsible Gambling, any associated SB Feed profile will automatically deactivate for the duration of the break. You may recommence use of the SB Feed features at the completion of the break.
2.6. Sportsbet reserves the right at any time and for any reason, with or without notice to you:

2.6.1. to cancel, change or restrict the SB Feed features, including removing, deleting or deactivating any SB Feed profile;
2.6.2. to determine that your SB Feed profile is ineligible to receive promotions (in part or full) or generosity;
2.6.3. to prohibit you from creating a SB Feed profile or using the SB Feed features, including where you are, or Sportsbet considers you may be:
(a) less than 18 years of age;
(b) betting on behalf of a person who is less than 18 years of age;
(c) in breach of the Rules or these SB Feed Terms & Conditions;
(d) in breach of any applicable law; or
(e) otherwise responsible for any action that presents (in Sportsbet’s absolute discretion) an unacceptable risk to Sportsbet’s business.

3. Sportsbet Feed Community Rules

3.1. Sportsbet intends for the use of the SB Feed features to be a positive and friendly experience for everyone involved.
3.2. You must ensure that any messages, content or other information made available by you in connection with your SB Feed profile (‘SB Feed content’) complies with all laws, all requirements set out in the SB Feed Terms & Conditions and any other acceptable use policies or requirements that we publish in relation to the SB Feed features.
3.3. You acknowledge that your SB Feed profile will be available to the public immediately upon creation.
3.4. You must ensure that your username, your SB Feed content and any other information you post in using the SB Feed features does not involve, and could not be reasonably perceived as involving:

3.4.1. profanities, including misspellings or other representations of profanities;
3.4.2. a breach of any laws;
3.4.3. any defamatory imputation;
3.4.4. false or misleading information;
3.4.5. content that does not relate to the purpose or subject matter of the SB Feed features;
3.4.6. discriminatory or other offensive topics, including comments on matters such as race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender or disability;
3.4.7. illegal, violent or unsocial conduct;
3.4.8. a violation of another person’s privacy rights, including by disclosing or threatening to disclose personal or sensitive information;
3.4.9. a violation of another person’s confidential information or intellectual property rights;
3.4.10. a violation of any other rights of another person;
3.4.11. a threat, intimidation, harassment or any kind of bullying;
3.4.12. spam or deliberate duplicate messaging;
3.4.13. encouragement of irresponsible gambling, or other irresponsible behaviour or activity such as drinking or drug-taking; or
3.4.14. any other prohibited information identified in any other acceptable use policies or requirements that we publish in relation to the SB Feed features.

3.5. You acknowledge that Sportsbet may delete or block any SB Feed content at any time without notice or explanation, including where Sportsbet considers (in its absolute discretion) that the SB Feed content is in violation of these SB Feed Terms & Conditions.
3.6. Sportsbet will own all SB Feed content. To the extent that any intellectual property rights subsist in SB Feed content (‘IP’), you acknowledge that such IP is assigned to Sportsbet by you immediately upon creation. You acknowledge that Sportsbet may reuse, publish and communicate any SB Feed content on any platform or distribution channel of Sportsbet’s choosing, including for marketing and promotional purposes. In doing so, Sportsbet will use reasonable efforts to attribute the SB Feed content to your SB Feed profile.

4. Dispute Resolution and complaints

4.1. Any Dispute which may arise in relation to a SB Feed profile will be handled in accordance with the Rules.
4.2. Please contact Sportsbet at 1800 990 907 or if you consider that any other Member is in breach of these SB Feed Terms & Conditions.



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