Racing Cash Out FAQs

Sportsbet have offered Cash Out on Sports since 2014, and introduced Cash Out on AFL Same Game Multi’s in May 2022.

We are proud to now offer customers a brand new product, Racing Cash Out! ​Racing Cash Out puts the customer in control of their bet by giving them the flexibility to obtain a return from their bet early! 

How do I know which markets are eligible for Cash Out?

  • Keep an eye out for the Cash Out icon  that will appear on race cards, Bet Slip, My Bets and other Racing pages where bets are eligible for Cash Out.

How do I Cash Out my bet?

  • You can cash out of your bet from within the My Bets page.
  • If your bet is eligible for Cash Out at the time, simply click the “Cash Out @ $X.XX” button and press Confirm.

Why can’t I Cash Out my bet?

  • Cash Out is an additional product offered by Sportsbet that can be unavailable at times for a few different reasons. Cash Out is only available during event(s) if it was offered when you placed the bet, and the relevant markets are either i) still available to bet on, and/or ii) your resulted bets have been settled as winning legs. You'll need to make sure you see the Cash Out symbol  on your bets before placing if you want to have the option to Cash Out. 

Can I cash out a bet that is placed using a Bonus Bet?

  • YES! Customers can now cash out any Sports, Racing or AFL SGM bets that were placed using a Bonus Bet - provided the markets contained within the bet are eligible for Cash Out.

Can I cash out a bet that is placed using Power Play, Power Price or Bet Return tokens?

  • Absolutely. Bets placed using tokens such as Power Play, Power Price and Bet Returns are eligible for Cash Out, provided the markets contained within the bet are eligible for Cash Out.

Why was Cash Out unavailable when I first placed my multi bet, but after winning a leg/s, it’s now giving me a Cash Out offer?

  • We have enhanced flexibility to be able to offer a Cash Out value for a bet that was initially ineligible, provided that the ineligible legs are settled first (as winners), and the remaining leg/s of your bet are eligible Cash Out markets.

Can I withdraw my Cashed Out funds?

  • Yes, any funds resulting from bets that are cashed out will be considered as turned over, and customers can withdraw from the user end.

If I Cash Out of my bet that I placed using any token (Bonus Bet, Power Play or Bet Return), do I get that token back?

  • No. Once a bet is cashed out, it is considered a completed transaction – you will receive the Cash Out value that was offered & accepted at the time, but no tokens will be refunded.

Is there any plan to be more specific with customer-facing error messages?

  • Short answer, there is! We are currently looking into the feasibility of error messages next to specific legs within a multi that are impacting it’s unavailability.

If my pending bet was placed before Racing Cash Out release, will it still be eligible?

  • Provided the markets are eligible for Cash Out, then yes availability will kick in once we launch for all bets irrespective of date placed.



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