BetStop FAQ's

What is BetStop?

BetStop, the National Self-Exclusion Register for online wagering, was launched by the Albanese Labor Government on 21 August 2023. Australians are able to register with BetStop to voluntarily self-exclude from all Australian licensed interactive wagering service providers from a minimum of 3 months, to a lifetime. ​

Wagering service providers (online and telephone-based) will not be allowed to open an account or accept a bet from self-excluded individuals, or send them marketing material. ​

How does BetStop Work?

Individuals register on BetStop and are fully verified as part of the BetStop registration process (by entering their Full Name, Address, Date of Birth and Contact Details).​ Sportsbet is required to check all customers against the BetStop register to determine whether there is a match.

While you are registered, Australian licensed online and phone wagering providers must not open a wagering account for you, allow you to place bets, or send you marketing material.

What happens after my BetStop exclusion is over?

After a customer has served their BetStop Exclusion period, they can create a new account with Sportsbet by contacting our Safer Gambling Team​.

However, if you have permanently self-excluded yourself you will not be able to create an account again.

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