Cancel Pending Withdrawal

Important!  Due to local State legislation, South Australian customers are no longer able to cancel a pending withdrawal. 

Withdrawals have never been faster with Sportsbet!  For most bank accounts you withdraw to, your funds should reach your bank balance within a few hours.

Have you requested a withdrawal and changed your mind? You will be able to reverse this withdraw and have the funds back in your account instantly.

Please keep in mind there are a few things to know:

  • Available for Bank Withdrawal.
  • You don't have to turnover cancelled funds to withdraw them again.
  • Cancelling a Withdrawal won't affect any deposit limits you may have.
  • All bank transfer withdrawals can be cancelled within two (2) hours of requesting the withdrawal. After
  • After this two-hour window, the withdrawal will be unavailable for cancellation.

To cancel a withdrawal, please follow the below steps.

  1.  Click your account balance at the top of the screen and select withdraw.
  2.  Click on the 'pending withdrawal' tab at the top of the screen to expand the tab.
  3.  Click cancel next to the withdrawals you wish to cancel.
  4.  Your most recently requested withdrawal will be first. (e.g. If you requested to withdraw $5, $10, then $15, you will cancel the $15 withdrawal first.)
  5.  Once you confirm 'yes', your funds will be immediately returned to your account.     

You may also wish to have your ability to cancel your withdrawals disabled.  Please contact Customer Service via live chat if you would like to discuss that option.

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