What Is The Same Game Multi Tracker?

 AFL, NRL & NBA Same Game Multi Tracker is Sportsbet's new product that lets you keep track of your AFL NRL & NBA Same Game Multi stats all in one place on your bet slip. AFL, NRL & NBA are the only sports that Sportsbet offers trackers for.

You'll be able to see all the relevant stats for your AFL, NRL or NBA Same Game Multi in the Sportsbet App to make sure you can cash out in the right moment!

Important things to know! With AFL, NRL & NBA Same Game Multi Tracker, there's a few things to know:

  • You'll need to hit the refresh button to see the most up to date stats while in the tracker.
  • It's only available on AFL, NRL & NBA Same Game Multis. Only select NRL Same Game Multi markets are available on Tracker.
  • AFL stats are provided by the AFL’s official stat provider, Champion Data. NRL stats are provided by the NRL's official stat provider NRL and NBA stats are directly fed through from the official NBA stat provider.
  • Sportsbet accepts no responsibility for any errors or corrections, including in relation to any decision to Cash Out (or not Cash Out) a bet.
  • Ensure to refresh the stats if you encounter any errors
  • You'll still be able to see the bet tracker if your Same Game Multi is part of a regular Multi with other sports.

All bets will be settled in accordance with Sportsbet’s Rules and based on the official results.

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