How Are Same Game Multi Odds Calculated?

Same Game Multi bets are calculated slightly different to standard Multi Bets to take into account the correlation of each leg.

For example, if you have a same game multi on Manchester City vs Manchester United.

  • If you have the following legs:
    Man City to win
    Haaland (Man City) to score
    Man City most corners
    Man City most shots on target

All of these markets are correlated, meaning there is a high chance of them happening if the final result is Man City Win, this resulting in smaller odds being offered.

  • However, if you had the following legs:
    Manchester City to win
    Manchester United most shots on target
    Manchester United most corners
    Sancho (Man U) to score.

The odds will be higher as the chance of Manchester United losing while dominating stats is less likely to happen, meaning that the legs negatively impact each other.

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