Formula 1 Qualifying Markets

F1 Qualifying consists of three sessions whereby the five slowest drivers from each of the first two sessions drop out at that stage, leaving the remaining drivers to compete in the third session (Q3) for the top ten places on the grid.  Qualifying betting will be settled as the fastest lap posted during this third qualifying session.

If for some reason Q3 does not take place then we will settle bets if the grid is formed based on times from Q1 or Q2.  In the event a Sprint race format is used, qualifying betting will be settled on the session to determine the grid for the sprint race.

All bets will be void if the grid is formed based on any other criteria.   With respect to all bets on qualifying, either outright or match betting, the official times as recorded by the FIA will apply for the settlement of bets.  Any subsequent penalties or demotions imposed shall be disregarded for bet settlement purposes.

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