Motor Racing (V8 Supercars / NASCAR) Settlement

Motor racing will have various different settlements compared to Formula 1.

Below is a breakdown of how markets will be settled for motor racing such as V8 Supercars and NASCAR.

  • Official Results: All race bets are settled on the official race organisers classification at the time of the podium presentation, with subsequent disqualifications disregarded.
  • Cancelled Events: In the case of an event not taking place or being cancelled, bets on this event are deemed void and wagers will be refunded.
  • Futures Markets: All outright and future markets will be settled as per the official competition ruling. If there is no result or winner, bets on this event are deemed void.
  • Outright betting: Any drivers who fail to qualify for the race will be deemed as non-runners. The race must be ran within 48 hours of the scheduled off time for bets to stand. The official V8’s/NASCAR winner of the race will be settled as the winner for betting purposes, this includes all races which are halted prematurely.
  • Driver Head to heads: All matchups will be settled as per the official result. If one driver fails to complete the race, the other driver will be deemed the winner. Where both drivers fail to complete the race, the number of laps completed will determine the winner. If both drivers fail to complete on the same lap, the official placings as assigned by the controlling authority will determine the result. Both drivers must start the race for bets to stand. In the event of a replacement driver all bets are void.
  • V8s race qualification: The market will be settled on the fastest times according to If qualification leads to a (top ten) shootout, then the winner of the shootout will be deemed the winner of the qualification market with any subsequent disqualifications/penalties disregarded.

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