Method Of Victory UFC Betting

There are various methods of victory in UFC. Whether it’s by a big strike or a grapple to the floor, Sportsbet will settle markets accordingly with our terms and conditions.

Below is a breakdown of how markets will be settled.

  • A win by TKO/KO may include:
  • Referee stoppage while the fighter is standing.
  • Referee stoppage while the fighter is on the canvas.
  • Stoppage by the doctor.
  • Stoppage by the corner.
  • The fighter retires due to injury.

  • A submission includes the following:
  • Referee stoppage due to tap out from submission hold.
  • Referee stoppage due to technical submission.
  • Fighter verbal submission.

A win by points includes a unanimous decision, technical decision, majority decision and split decision.

For the purpose of this market, the draw includes a majority draw. In the event of a disqualification or no contest, the market will be void.

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