Method Of Victory Markets In Boxing

A boxing contest can be won in various ways. Sportsbet offers different methods of victory on specified markets. These methods of victory will include the following:

  • Knockout (KO) – is when the boxer does not stand up after a ten count.
  • Technical knockout (TKO) - is the three knockdown rule or if the referee steps in when it is decided that a fighter cannot safely continue to fight. If a fighter fails to answer a bell for the next round then this will also be deemed a TKO. For betting purposes, KO/TKO option also includes disqualification (DSQ) and retirement (RTD.)
  • Points or Decision – If neither fighter succeeds in knocking out their opponent and the fight goes the distance, the result of the fight will be by points or decision of the judges.
  • Draw – When neither of the fights have been deemed a winner by the judges, the fight is declared a draw. In the event of a draw when the draw option is not offered, the Dead Heat Rule will apply.

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