What Is Round Betting In UFC?

Round betting markets in the UFC will be settled accordingly with Sportsbet terms and conditions.

To help simplify, below is a breakdown of how the terms and conditions will impact the settlement and the outcome of any bets.

  • If a fighter withdraws in the period between rounds the fight is deemed to have ended in the previous round for the purpose of Round Betting settlement. For example, if the fighters reach their corner at the end of round 2 and one does not return, then bets for a fighter winning in round 2 will be deemed winning bets.

  • Should the scheduled number of rounds be changed before the fight all Round Betting bets will be made void. Meaning if the fight was scheduled for 3 rounds, then changed to 5 all bets will be voided for round betting markets.
  • If the fight is stopped early and ends in technical decision – the market will be settled as finishing in the last round which started. Bets are deemed losers in both markets if the fight goes the distance and ends in a decision. 


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