Booking Markets In Soccer

A cheeky late tackle or a player giving some verbal treatment to the referee tends to lead to a yellow card warning not to do it again. More serious tackles will lead to the player being shown a red card and sent off the pitch for the remainder of the game. Below is a breakdown of how booking markets will be settled. 

  • Only bookings in regular time (i.e. 90 mins play plus any stoppage time) count.
  • There are times when managers, coaches and players on the bench are shown yellow or red cards. Below is a breakdown of how Sportsbet settles cards and bookings markets.
  • Most importantly, please note that bookings will only count for players taking part in the match. Bookings of managers, coaches or off the field of play will not count.
  • Both yellow and red cards count for booking markets. If a player is shown 2 yellow cards (and therefore a red card) or a player is shown a yellow followed by a straight red card it will be settled as a total of 2 cards
  • Any bookings made during halftime will count; however, bookings made after the final whistle in regular time do not count.

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