VAR Decisions

Modern day soccer is full of close decisions for referees to make, with the introduction of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) it keeps fans on their toes whenever a close call is made.

Some may say VAR takes the in moment excitement out of the game and others may want every call reviewed.  In terms of how VAR impacts settlements, Sportsbet follows the terms and conditions outlined below:

  • It is important to note where Sportsbet has settled a bet and, due to a subsequent VAR decision, it becomes apparent that such settlement was inaccurate, Sportsbet reserves the right to reverse such settlement (provided that the VAR decision occurred prior to the conclusion of the match or other timeframe relating to the bet).
  • Any outcome that is reviewed and overturned by the VAR will be considered as final (e.g. the original event overturned will not count towards the total goals, cards, corners, shots on goals, throw ins, free kicks etc.).
  • To the extent that a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is consulted, the event which led to the referral will, for the purposes of Sportsbet's terms & conditions, be deemed to have occurred at the actual time of its occurrence (rather than the time on which the relevant referral or decision was made).



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