NBA Futures And Players Awards

There are a number of futures and players award markets in the NBA, it is important to understand how Sportsbet settles specific markets.

Below is a breakdown of how bets will be settled for future markets and player awards.

  • Series Markets: A series must come to a natural conclusion for bets to stand.
  • Regular Season Wins: A team must complete 70 games for bets to stand. All NBA Regular Season Wins bets will be voided if the relevant team does not complete at least 70 games, or unless the outcome has been unequivocally determined prior to the interruption or shortening of the season.
  • Most Season Wins: Resulted on the team with the most Regular Season wins. The push rule applies in the event of a tie.
  • To Make The Playoffs: Settled on the Final 8 teams in the Playoffs for Each Conference, after any possible Play-In Tournament has concluded (i.e. teams that lose in any Play-In tournament are not considered to have made the Playoffs).
  • NBA Player Awards: Settled on the official winners announced by the NBA in each category. Dead Heat rules apply.

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