A Player I Bet On Didn’t Play, Does My Bet Stand?

NRL can differ to other sporting codes in terms of how player markets may be settled. However, all markets are settled in line with our terms and conditions.

Below is a breakdown of player markets and what happens if the player does not play. 

  • First/Last/Anytime Tryscorer Betting: All wagers are refunded on players not in the official starting 17. Bets will stand on all Players named in the 17-player squad, regardless of whether they take the field. All bets will be refunded on any Player named as an 18th Player Injury substitute. In the event of a Penalty Try being the first / last try scored we pay on the Penalty Try option if offered. If the Penalty Try option is not offered, the player who would have scored the Try if not for foul play, will be deemed to have scored the try for resulting purposes.
  • First 2nd Half Try Scorer: If the player is included in his team's match day 17 man squad, all bets will stand regardless of whether the player is on the field for the first 2nd half try or not.
  • Most Tries Head to Head: options both players must be in starting 13 for bets to stand. If no try is scored or players are level on tries the 'tie' wins.
  • Statistics Markets: Bets on tackles or metres based markets on players not in starting 13 will be void. For group betting on tackles and metres markets, if one or more players from the group is not in the starting 13, bets will be void. All statistical based bets will be paid within 24 hours of the last game of that round in accordance with official statistics from NRL.com.
  • Player Performance: Scoring rules are as follows – 4pts per point scored, 10pts per try assist, 1pt per 10 run metres (rounded down to the nearest 10), 5pts per line break, 1pt per tackle. Bets on all Player Performance markets will be voided in any Player is not in the starting 13. Settlement based on NRL.com statistics.

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