NRL Head To Head Betting

Head to head betting for NRL is settled on the official declared result, including any extra time (including any additional 'Golden point' period).

If scores are level after extra time in Home & Away matches, then the dead heat rules apply.  In the NRL Finals there is a 'Golden point' to find the winner of the match if the teams are still level after Extra time.

If the official result of a match is a draw, both teams will be paid out as winners, with the dead heat calculation applied meaning bets are paid out at half odds, or half (50%) of the face value of the winning ticket.

In the below market, a $10.00 bet on St George would be paid out at $32.00 winnings ($10.00 x $6.40 x 0.50).

A $10.00 bet on South Sydney would amount to less than the original stake ($10.00 x $1.12 x 0.50 = $5.60) so the original $10.00 stake would simply be refunded in the event of a dead heat pay out.

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