What Happens If My AFL Match Ends In A Draw?

From time to time an AFL match will go down to the wire and result in a Draw. When a match ends in a draw in the home and away season and you have placed a Head to Head bet on either team, you will be paid out as a winner with a dead heat deduction. This means that you will be paid half of your bet.

For example, you placed a head-to-head bet on Carlton against the Melbourne. You placed $10 on Carlton at $2.35 odds. If Carlton had won the match you would have received $23.50 however as the match ended in a draw you receive half the original payout, therefore you will receive $11.75.

Important! Please note that if you place a bet on the winning margin or big win, little win markets, and a draw price is offered then dead heat rules will not apply and the draw is the winning selection, as per the below.

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