Racing Treble Bets

A treble bet requires you to pick the winning runners of the three races nominated on the Treble race card to collect a dividend.

Important! Making changes to your selections once the Treble Bet slip is on the screen will not update your Bet slip with your changes. Please press the Clear Slip button on the bet slip and make your changes to your Treble selections then press the Bet button again.

If one of your runners gets scratched, it will be substituted with the TAB declared substitute. If you already have this substitute in your bet, you'll get your percentage of the Bet doubled. For example, if you have 65% of the Treble dividend and your selection is scratched and you already have the substitute in your Bet for that race, your percentage doubles to 130% of the dividend. Never let it be said we didn't look after you!

Trebles payout on the UNiTAB (TATTSBET) declared dividend.

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