Group Member Permissions

Can I change my name within the group?
Yes! You certainly can change your name within the group at any time, simply navigate to the Bet With Mates group settings. Your name is only visible to the other members of your group.

How do I become a group admin?
The only way to become a group admin is to start a group or to be automatically assigned the admin role if the current group admin decides to leave the group.

How is my share of the group funds worked out?
Your personal share of the group balance is equal to the group balance divided by the number of current members. You'll see it displayed in your group home screen as both a percentage share and a dollar amount, which can fluctuate as the number of members changes and funds are transferred in and out of your group account.

I’m a group member, can I set an automatic top up?
No unfortunately not, the amount and timing of a Top Up is set each time by the Admin.

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