How Do I Deposit & Withdraw From My Bet With Mates Account?

Depositing and withdrawing from your Bet With Mates account is referred to as a Top Up (deposit) and Distribute (withdraw).  Below you can find an in detail breakdown of each method.  

Depositing – A Top Up is the only way for group members to deposit funds into their Bet With Mates account. The timing and amount of a Top Up is set by the group admin and may vary on each occasion. The Top Up is an equal amount requested to each member at the same time, notified through their Bet With Mates Activity feed. Any member that hasn't transferred their Top Up when the Admin resumes group betting, will be automatically removed from the group.

Withdrawing – Similar to the Top Up function, only the group Admin has the ability to distribute/withdraw all or part of each member's share equally, at any time. If the group closes or you choose to leave the group at any time, you will have your share automatically transferred to your personal account. Your share amount will be transferred to your personal Sportsbet account. Providing the funds are withdrawable, you can then withdraw from your personal account to your bank account.

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