Group Admin Permissions

The group admin has the ability to control certain aspects of the Bet With Mates group. Each Bet With Mates is restricted to having one admin per group. Below is a breakdown of group admin permissions:

What powers does the admin have?
The group Admin names the group, and sets the buy in amount, how much and when to Top Up as you go. The Admin also decides when to open betting for the first time or resume betting after a Top Up. The admin cannot change or cancel a group bet. There is one Admin per group at all times.

Bets cannot be placed until the group admin chooses to open group betting. Until then, betting is paused while the admin waits for members to join. Betting is also paused when a top up is requested, up until an admin resumes betting.

Can I set any group betting rules?
The group Admin can set a Max Stake per bet from the settings screen of the group's home page. Betting from the group account is available to all members. This means any member can bet any time, on any event and bet any amount that doesn't exceed the group balance. If your group decides to take turns in placing a bet, or limit how much, when or how often to bet, you'll need to discuss and manage those rules among yourselves

Max stake per bet refers to the maximum amount a member can place on a bet for the group. This applies to all bet types. It does not restrict the number of bets any one member can place. For example, if the Max Stake per bet is set at $20, someone could place a $20 sports multi and a $20 racing single at the same time. The restriction will simply ensure that no one bet item exceeds the maximum stake.

Do member rules apply to the admin?
Yes. As an Admin you're also a member of the group. You'll have to transfer the Buy-In and Top Up amounts like every other member. As the Admin, you'll be the first to transfer your Buy-In and Top Ups. Any limits you set as the Admin such as the Max Stake will apply equally to you.

What are the top up rules?
As an Admin you can call for a Top Up at any time, as often as you like, for any amount between $5 and $99,999 per member. You can vary the amount with each Top Up, and there's no requirement for the group account balance to reach a certain level.

You can resume betting at any time and end the opportunity for members to Top Up. Resuming betting will automatically remove any existing member that has not transferred the Top Up amount.

Who can see my name & the group name?
Your Bet With Mates screen name ('Your Name') and the name of your group ('Group Name') are visible only to other members of your group. An Admin can choose the group name and rename the group at any time. Any member can change their own Bet With Mates screen name any time in Settings. Your Name does not need to match your real name, Sportsbet personal username or bank account name. Sportsbet reserve the right to remove or alter names that may be offensive.

I don’t want to be the group admin, can I stay in the group as a member?
No, the group Admin role can't be passed on to another member while you are a member of the group. If you leave the group a remaining member will automatically be assigned as the new Admin.

Can I remove a member from the group?
Once they have joined the group, members cannot be directly removed from the group. All members will be removed from a group, and the group closed when only 2 members remain. If the Admin calls for a Top Up, any existing members that have not transferred the Top Up amount when the Admin resumes betting will be automatically removed from the group.

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