Head To Head Bets Basics

Head to head betting refers to a market where there are two possible outcomes of the match, being either one of the two teams to win.  There are some circumstances where head to head betting will include a third market, being a draw.

If there is no Draw option offered, when a match results in a draw and you have placed a Head to Head bet on either team, you will be paid out as a winner with a dead heat deduction.  This means that you will be paid out half of the face value of your winning bet.

For example, you placed a head to head bet on St Kilda versus the Giants in Round 5, 2018.  This match ended in a draw.

Imagine you placed $5.00 on St Kilda at $3.20 odds.  If St Kilda had won the match you would have received $16.00 as a wining pay out, however as the match ended in a draw you would have received a winning pay out of $8.00.

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