Why Did My Racing Bet Payout Less Than I Expected?

When it comes to placing bets on racing markets, depending on the outcome of the race odds and potential payouts are subject to change. This can happen for reasons such as a runner being scratched or a dead heat in a race.  

  • Deductions – are an industry-wide requirement of fixed odds betting on racing. They occur due to scratching’s and are applied as a deduction of cents in the dollar (effectively, a percentage) from your potential payout. You can see deduction amounts on the bottom of the race card with the scratching’s, as well as on your bet if you have received winnings affected. For more information on deductions please click here
  • A Dead Heat – refers to an outcome where two or more competitors are tied for the same position. Bets will be paid at the face value of the ticket (total payout figure including the initial stake) divided by the number of competitors drawing for that placing.
  • Place Payouts – Where there are 8 or more runners in a race, a place is paid on first, second and third places. Where there are 7, 6 or 5 runners in a race, a place is paid on first and second places only. This will be shown in the race result as No Third Dividend. Where there are less than 5 runners in a race, punters will receive a payout for first place only. Place betting is not permitted.

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