My Withdrawals Are Failing

In a small number of instances when you request a withdrawal, it may end up failing and the funds sent back to your Sportsbet account. There are a few reasons for this to happen – please see below with actions to resolve:

  1. Having an account that is not verified will block you from being able to withdraw any funds from your account. If you have not verified and need help please click here
  2. The bank you’re withdrawing to may not be eligible to receive fast payments. Please check with your bank if your bank account is eligible & if not, add a bank account which is eligible for fast payments to ensure your funds get sent.
  3. The BSB or account number provided may be incorrect or associated with an account that has been closed. Please re-check the details you’ve submitted to ensure they’re correct & re-attempt the withdrawal.
  4. The bank you’re withdrawing to may be experiencing technical issues resulting in the withdrawal bouncing back. Please check with your bank to see if they’re having issues processing fast payments and if so, please attempt to withdraw those funds when the issues have been resolved.

If you have checked all of the above examples and still experiencing issues, please jump onto live chat and one of our customer service agents will be happy to help assist you. 

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