Jockey Watch FAQ's

What is Jockey Watch? 

Jockey Watch provides a unique navigational experience that allows Sportsbet customers to view their favourite jockeys’ rides all in one place. With the ability to pin jockeys to the top, Racing Multi’s just got even quicker & easier!

Where can I access Jockey Watch from?

Jockey Watch can be accessed from the ‘Jockey Watch’ button towards the top of the ‘All Tracks’ page, or from the carousel icon or banner on the Racing homepage (mobile & web).

How is the rolling list of Top 50 featured Jockeys determined and how often is it refreshed?

Every hour the system will refresh to surface the most relevant jockeys with upcoming rides. We love to keep you well-informed and up-to-date with the latest information.

How can I pin/favourite a jockey to the top ‘My Jockeys’ section?

From the Jockey Watch main screen, you can favourite/pin a maximum of 20 jockeys to the top by pressing on the star icon on the right hand side.

If I my pin/favourite jockeys, will they remain in the ‘My Jockeys’ section until I remove them?

Yes! It is device-specific though. Favourites will remain – even if no rides next 3 days – unless customers  delete/reinstall the app or are using multiple devices for mobile and/or web.

What does ‘X rides’ mean next to the jockey’s name?

This number (X) shows customers how many rides that jockey has engaged in the next three days inclusive of the current day eg. viewing on a Sat will show Sat/Sun/Mon rides

Can I search for a jockey that is not part of the Top 50 list within the Jockey Watch feature?

Unfortunately, not at this stage. However, customers can still use our existing search bar functionality to find random jockeys.

Why can’t I see the yellow “Fav” tag next to the favourite of a race within the Jockey Rides screen?

The ‘Fav’ tag is a functionality that requires the context of a full racecard to dynamically determine the favourite (shortest odds) at any one time. 

Is it possible to build a multi across more than one jockey?

Absolutely! Betslip behaviour works the same as it does across other areas so customers can add to betslip and use the ‘back’ button to view/bet on more than one jockey.

Can I do a similar thing for trainers as well as jockeys?

Our MVP is solely focused on jockeys as customers and data told us they’re a more important decision driver than trainers. But watch this space!

Why can’t I see a BlackBook icon appearing next to one of my BlackBooked runners within the jockey rides screen?

It’s a good shout, and one that we’ll explore for implementation down the track pending time & effort involved.

Can I place a Jockey Challenge bet from within the Jockey Watch feature?

Whilst it’s a great place to get a solid birds-eye view of a jockey’s chances in the Jockey Challenge market, customers will still need to access Jockey Challenge markets from the ’Extras’ section.

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