Why Am I Being Asked To Confirm My Personal Details?

Why do I need to confirm my personal details? 

Maintaining up-to-date personal details is a regulatory requirement for all Australian and New Zealander wagering customers.

What personal details do I need to confirm 

Periodically, you will be required to confirm your Full Name, Date of Birth, and Address with Sportsbet.

How do I confirm my personal details?

If all your personal details are correct, it's as easy as clicking ‘All Details Correct’ within the below journey on-site or in-app:

Important! Some activation codes may be delayed by up to 10 minutes, please do not exit or pass through the 'enter your passcode' screen until you have entered your secure passcode. 


Have you received a call to confirm your Sportsbet account details?  

To keep our customer's personal details up to date, we have been calling customers directly to ensure there is a smooth process in confirming personal details on accounts.

How do I change my personal details?

To confirm you have legally changed your Name or Date of Birth, please reply to the automated email sent to you with an image of one of the following forms of identification to verify the change:

  • Change of Name Certificate
  • Driver License
  • Passport
  • Medicare Card

The image must be clear and visible for review.

Please note that your account will be restricted if Sportsbet does not receive the verification document requested above within 30 days of this email.

If you are only looking to update your address, this action does not require documentation to be provided.

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