Online Security & Protecting your Account

Sportsbet is committed to helping customers accounts remain secure by following the below processes:

  • Preventing fraudEvery transaction is monitored and heavily guarded behind our advanced encryption to help prevent fraud and identity theft. We are constantly reviewing and updating our systems to help block external threats so you can use Sportsbet with confidence.
  • Do Sportsbet request payment methods for verification? – There are times we may request to verify a payment methods via a secure encrypted link. If you are being asked to provide your personal details via phone, email, or live chat and something does not feel right please get in touch with us over live chat and we can investigate for you.
  • Protecting your moneyAt Sportsbet, we take account protection and security very seriously, that is why we implement methods such as 3DS, a payment fraud protection system which will require an extra step with the cards financial institution before processing. 
  • Lost or stolen bank card – Make sure you report that your card is lost/stolen to your financial institution first. Once that is done, get in touch with us and we can remove/suspend the card from your account to prevent further spending. We will then be able to assist in adding a new card or payment methods to your account. 
  • Noticed suspicious activity on your account? – If you have noticed any strange activity on your account that you do not believe was you, please immediately jump onto live chat and one of our customer service agents will be able to suspend your account and have our security team will launch an investigation.  
  • Customers actions – There are actions that customers can take to prevent hackers from gaining access to their accounts. Please never share your username & password with anybody, regularly change your password and keep passwords different across online accounts. By doing this, you can help prevent any unauthorized activity on your account. 

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