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My bank card was recently lost/stolen. Should I inform

Yessiree. Right away - don't snooze on that stuff. Give our Customer Service Team a holler to remove this card from your account. The card will still have to be verified before a withdrawal can take place, please refer here.

I have recently changed my address. Should I inform

Always. You'd tell your mates if you're moving and while we don't need to come to the housewarming, we still want to know. It's important that we always have your address both for your own security and so we can easily contact you. Please contact Customer Support and also let them know if there is a change to the correct billing details of your financial institution, (you know - your bank might move around the corner) this could lead to the suspension of your account.

How do I send my documents and is this safe?

You'll be pleased to know that Sportsbet ensures that all information received is fully encrypted using the SSL Mechanism. All information you provide us with is encrypted so that it cannot be read across the Internet. It's like a cold war spy thriller - except the bad guys simply can't access your data.

Sometimes, our security team might ask you to verify your credit card details by sending in a picture of the front of your Credit/Debit card. On all copies of cards sent to, if you do not block out the middle six digits or the security code on the back of your card these are removed internally before stored. We store this data internally on a private system which is not connected to any external networks to which access is strictly controlled.

Can I use a payment method belonging to a friend or family member with their permission?

No. As stated within our terms and conditions, all payment methods used must be in your own name and address. Sportsbet reserves the right to void any bets placed with a payment method not in your own name and subsequently suspend any accounts. Please ensure all payment details belong to yourself and we hold your correct billing address - and besides we want you to be completely and legally entitled to all your winnings!

I have entered all my details correctly. Why is my account suspended?

Common reasons for failing the verification process include:

  • Entering an incorrect name or an abbreviated, alias version during registration. Some examples: J Brown for John Brown, Johnny for John.
  • Failure to enter a house number and/or postcode during registration.
  • Entering an incorrect Date of Birth during registration.
  • Recent changes of address or updates to financial institution details.
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