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Online Security & Protecting your Account

It is important that you keep your account secure and that your details are not easily accessible by opportunist hackers.

Prevent Fraud

Every transaction is monitored and heavily guarded behind our advanced encryption to help prevent fraud and identity theft. We are constantly reviewing and updating our systems to help block external threats so you can use Sportsbet with confidence.

Protect your money

Hackers are getting smarter so banks and card providers around the world are creating extra hurdles for you to navigate just to pay online. We’re committed to making things easier for you without making it riskier.

My bank card was recently lost/stolen

Make sure you report that your card is lost/stolen to your financial institution first. Once that it done, get in touch with us and we can remove/suspend the card from your account.

I have recently changed my address 

It is important that you keep your details up-to-date at all times as occasionally we will need to get in touch with you in relation to important matters about your account. You can update your details yourself by logging onto Sportsbet and going to My Account.

Is it safe to send you my details electronically?

From time to time, we might ask you to verify your identity or credit card details by sending in a picture of the front of your Credit/Debit card. 

As Sportsbet does not store any of your card information, we will always ask you to log into a secure portal to upload your card details. If you are being asked to provide your personal details via phone, email or live chat, get in touch with us and we can investigate for you.

Can I use a payment method belonging to a friend or family member with their permission?

Unfortunately not. Our Terms and Conditions state that all payment methods used must be in your own name and address. Sportsbet reserves the right to void any bets placed with a payment method not in your own name and subsequently suspend any accounts. Please ensure all payment details belong to yourself and we hold your correct billing address.

I have entered all my details correctly. Why is my account suspended?

We use the details you provide when you register your account to automatically verify your identity. If you have provided incorrect/incomplete details we are unable to verify your identity and require you to do so manually

Some common reasons for failing verification include:

  • Entering an incorrect name or an abbreviated, alias version during registration
    • Some examples: J Brown for John Brown, Johnny for John
  • Failure to enter a house number and/or postcode during registration
  • Entering an incorrect Date of Birth during registration
  • Recent changes of address or updates to financial institution details
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