How Much Money Do I Need To Turnover Before I Can Withdraw?

Why do I need to turnover funds before I can withdraw?

Sportsbet does not charge fees on deposits on the understanding that deposits will be turned over at least once, which means if you deposit $50 you'll need to bet $50 before you can withdraw the balance out of the account.

How much money do I need to turnover before I can withdraw?

When trying to withdraw money out of your account you need to look at how much you can take out by looking at the Withdrawable Balance at the top of your My Account screen. The amount listed there reflects the amount that can be taken out of the account at the moment. 

For example if you have a total balance of $200, but $100 of that is a deposit and the other $100 is winnings from a bet, you'd have withdrawable balance of $100. The remaining $100 deposit would need to be turned over to be withdrawn. 

Please note that any funds deposited into your Sportsbet account needs to be Bet with before withdrawing, meaning that you'll need to turnover any funds that you deposit into your account.

You will also need to be Verified before you can withdraw funds. 


What if I need to withdraw funds that I haven't turned over?

If you need to withdraw funds that you have deposited into your account please contact our customer service team, we may require further verification of your account and funds to do so. 

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