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Requested a withdrawal but changed your mind? One click and your funds will be back in your account instantly.

  • Available for Bank and Credit Card Withdrawals
  • You don't have to turnover cancelled funds to withdraw them again
  • Cancelling a Withdrawal won't affect any deposit limits you may have.
  • All bank transfer withdrawals can be cancelled within 2 hours of requesting the withdrawal. After the 2hr window, the withdrawal will be unavailable for cancellation.


How to Cancel a Pending Withdrawal

Click your account balance at the top of the screen and select "Deposit/Withdrawal"

Select' Cancel Pending Withdrawal' in either the Deposit or Withdraw Tab

  • Your most recently requested Withdrawal will be first.
If you requested to Withdraw $5, $10, then $15, you will cancel the $15 Withdrawal first.

Once you confirm 'Yes', your funds will be immediately returned to your account.

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