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What is Power Play?

Power Play allows you to increase your Odds on Racing or Multibets

  • Available on eligible Thoroughbreds, Greyhounds and Harness Racing, for Single Fixed Odds Win Bets 
  • You get one Power Play per day
  • Limit of one Power Play per Event or Race
  • Unused Power Play don't accumulate! It will reset at Midnight ACST (Darwin time).

How do I use Power Play?

It's as easy as adding a selection to your Bet Slip and tapping the Image button. Watch your Odds Increase and then Place your Bet (you will only use the Power Play once you confirm your Bet).

If you don't want to use it for that selection, You can press the Image button, to go back to the original Odds.

Image Image

Why can't I see my Power Play?

  • You will only see the Power Play button in your Bet Slip if you have one available and can be used on that selection.
  • Power Play is only available for single Fixed Odds Win Bets in Racing.
  • You can only use one Power Play per Event/Race
  • Some Sports, events and markets may not be eligible.

Can I use a Bonus Bet with Power Play?

Bonus Bets are not available for use with Power Play.

Can I use Power Play in a Multi Bet?

Yes, only available on the Sportsbet App

Can I Cash Out my Power Play Bet?

You can Cash Out if Cash Out is offered for that selection. Cash Out is not available for Racing Bets.

Cashing Out your Power Played Bet is available via Pending Bet History.

Can I use Power Play in Punters club?

Yes, your Punters Club will have their own daily Power Play. If you use it in Punters Club, it does not affect your personal Power Play for use that day

Will Deductions apply to my Power Play Bet?

Yes, standard Deduction rules apply to all Fixed Odds Bets, including Bets placed using Power Play

What happens to my Power Play if my Selection is Scratched or Voided?

This counts as your Power Play being used.

Is my Power Play Bet eligible for Promotions?

Yes, your Power Play Bet is eligible for promotions.

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