Single, Multi & Same Game Multi Basics

Sporting and novelties markets allow you to place bets on either single legs or multi bets. By selecting multiple single legs, members will be offered a multi-bet price in the bet slip.

Single Legs – allow you to place a single bet on a market of your choice. This can be match betting or selecting a player-specific market.

Multi Bets – allows customers to place multiple single lets into one larger bet. Multi-bets will increase your odds depending on how many legs you select. In the multi-bet option, the odds of each leg are multiplied together to produce the total odds of the bet. You will then multiply the odds by your stake to calculate your potential payout.

E.g. You stake $10 on the below multi-bet.

Manchester City to win vs Liverpool – Odds $1.70.
Western Bulldogs to win vs North Melbourne – Odds $1.30.
Melbourne Storm to win vs Penrith Panthers – Odds $2.05.
Denver Nuggets to win vs Miami Heat – Odds $1.50.

Total Odds = $1.70 x $1.30 x $2.05 x $1.50
= $6.80.

To calculate your potential winnings
$10 (Stake) x $6.80 (Multi Odds) = $68 potential winnings.  

Same Game Multi – option allows you to place a multi bet within the same match or event, on selected Sports and competitions.

Same game multi-bets are calculated differently from a regular multi-bet, as the calculation has to consider the interrelationship between each leg selected.   

Traders will provide composite odds for your selections you make within the same event or race. 


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