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What is a Multi Bet & Same Game Multi?

Multi & Same Game Multi bets allows you to place multiple bets using a combination of legs between or within the same Sports (AFL, NRL, NFL, NBA and selected Soccer matches) matches and across Racing.

Why are my odds different in a Same Game Multi bet than a standard Multi bet?

Same Game Multi bets are calculated slightly different to standard Multi Bets to take into account the correlation of each leg.

What happens if one my legs is voided in my Multi bet or Same Game Multi bet? 

Multi bet: If one of more of your legs are voided in your Multi bet, that leg will be voided and odds re-calculated on the remaining legs.

Same Game Multi bet: If one or more of your legs are voided in your Same Game Multi, your bet will be cancelled and and the stake refunded.

Can I use Bonus Bets or Cash Out a Same Game Multi?


Can I combine Multi bets into a Same Game Multi bet?

Yes, however because of the way odds are calculated for same game multis, same game multi selections within the one match are combined and considered as a single leg for the purpose of combination bets.

How many legs can have in a Multi bet?

The maximum number of legs you can have in a Multi bet is 20.


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