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What is a Same Game Multi?

A Same Game Multi bet allows you to place multiple bets ("Multi Bets") using a combination of legs within the same AFL, NRL, NFL, NBA and selected Soccer matches.


  • Same Game Multis are calculated differently to standard Multis
  • Same Game Multi is not available for:
    - Cash Out
    - Bonus Bets
    - Punters Club


Why are my odds different than a standard Multi bet?

Same Game Multi bets are calculated slightly different to standard Multi Bets to take into account the inter-relationship of each leg.

What happens if one my legs is voided in my Same Game Multi? 

In the event one or more of your legs are voided in your Same Game Multi, your bet will be cancelled and and the stake refunded.

How to Place a Same Game Multi


Example: Collingwood vs Essendon AFL Match
  • Collingwood to Win
  • Scott Pendlebury to score the first goal
  • Total Points to be Under 180.5
  1. Go to the AFL Match you would like to Place a Bet on
  2. Press the 'Same Game Multi' tab at the top of the page
  3. Add your selections, you will see the odds calculate in the blue bar at the bottom.

  4. Select Place Multi to add it to your Bet Slip. Once Placed, you will be able to view your selections on the Bet Receipt.


Resulting Information
  • If one of your selections gets voided, your stake will be refunded to your balance
  • If a market is settled as a dead heat, your bet will also settle as a dead heat


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