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What is a Racing Protest?

A Protest occurs when a Trainer or Jockey challenges the outcome of the race, most commonly due to interference. 

What happens in the event of a Racing Protest?

If your winnings have been paid when a protest occurs, there may be a small period where we need to re-result your bet.  

What is a Protest Payout?

If your runner comes first but then is decided a loser due to the protest, you may be eligible for a Protest Payout. 

Protest Payout Terms & Conditions

If your runner comes first but is relegated as a result of an upheld protest, we’ll still pay you out as a winner for all Australian & NZ races subject to the following conditions:

  1. Single Bets only, Multi Bets are not eligible.
  2. Win Only and Win portion of Each Way Bets.
  3. Applies only to the first in time Win bet or Win portion of an Each Way Bet placed on the relevant race by an eligible customer
  4. Does not apply to Racing Extras Markets Bets (e.g. Insure 1)
  5. Only applies to races where the horse that is first past the post is relegated. Where a horse finishes in 2nd or 3rd and falls out of a placing as a result of the protest, there will not be a Protest Payout.
  6. Bonus Bets, Multibets, Megabets, Exotics, Futures Bets, Telephone bets and Live Betting are excluded from the offer.
  7. Applies only to Australian & NZ Thoroughbred and Harness Racing
  8. Does not include Bets on Greyhounds
  9. Maximum payout is $3000 per customer per, per race.
  10. Protest Payouts do not apply to Live Racing Bets, and bets will be settled on official placings.
  11. Customers who are excluded from Sportsbet promotions are not eligible for a Protest Payout.
  12. If a customer who is not eligible for Protest Payout is credited winnings based on interim results, Sportsbet reserves the right to adjust the account balance upon resettlement of event to reflect the official results. Where resettlement results in a customer’s available balance being negative (for example, due to re-investing or withdrawing winnings paid), the amount required to return the available balance to zero is immediately due and payable.
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