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Our complaints process is designed to encourage the fast and efficient resolution of your issue at the first point of contact. While we will always aim to provide you with awesome customer service, we recognise that you may wish to express dissatisfaction with our products, services, staff or procedures.

While managing your complaint, we will aim to tailor any proposed resolutions to provide a fair and reasonable outcome to all parties involved. Once accepted, we will aim to deliver our mutually agreed resolution to you within 48 hours.

If your enquiry is related to feedback or staff compliments, you can contact us via livechat.

If you are looking for a missing Bonus Bet, please contact us via livechat or on our Customer Service line. 1800 

What is a complaint?

A complaint is a formal communication by a customer expressing dissatisfaction, relating to a current product or service. A complaint is not a suggestion for a future improvement.

A complaint is placed when an agent and/or Team Leader is unable to resolve your query and an additional escalation is required in order for you to seek a resolution

How we resolve complaints

By email: We will respond to your complaint within 48 hours and provide you with an indication of how long it will take to resolve.  

How to contact us

Email us at:

What to include in your complaint

When submitting your formal complaint, please include the following information:

  • You first and last name.
  • Account number and/or Username.
  • Is this the first time you have contacted Sportsbet about this issue?  Y/N
  • Complaint description - Please include a bet receipt, operator name or market (if applicable)
  • Preferred resolution

This will allow us to investigate and deliver a response to you in a timely manner.


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