How Do I Verify My Account Online?

From the 27th of September all new customers must be verified at the time they create an account. Until accounts have been verified, customers will be restricted from depositing, withdrawing and betting. 

To verify your account please follow the below steps. 

  1. Upon creating your account you will be required to fill in your personal details.
  2. You will then be directed to the auto verification journey (as per below screenshot).
    Please remember to enter your personal details exactly as per your ID.

  3. After confirming your details, you will either be verified or require further verification. 
  4. If your verification is unsuccessful, you will be required to go through the self service verification journey and enter your ID details in manually.
  5. The following ID is required to pass through the self service verification journey successfully. You will have three attempts are manually verifying your account. 
    Australian drivers licence, Passport, Medicare or Government ID options (Super & Payroll).

  6. If you have been unsuccessful in verifying after three attempts you will be required to go through our Certified Documents process. 

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