Why Can't I Deposit Funds?

Unable to make a deposit? There are a few reasons why this may occur, but most of them can be easily fixed. 

  • You have insufficient funds available - Ensure you have sufficient funds available before attempting to deposit to your Sportsbet account. In some circumstances, your bank may decline any large deposit attempts.
  • Your card has expired - Make sure your card is always up to date. If your card has recently expired, tap the pencil icon beside the card to update the expiry date.
  • Your bank declining your deposits. - Some financial institutions may decline online transactions to gambling companies. If you are trying to deposit from an ANZ, Citibank, Macquarie Bank, Suncorp or Bank of Queensland account and are experiencing issues, we suggest you try an alternative deposit method or a card from another financial institution.
  • You have entered the incorrect CV2 - Ensure that the 3-digit code matches the one you've entered. If the CV2 does not match your bank will not authorize the deposit.
  • Your card is on a duplicate account -There can be some circumstances where customers have created more than one account and already placed a deposit method on the old account. In this case you will be required to contact our customer service team via live chat to remove the payment methods from old accounts.
  • Your card has been reported lost or stolen - If you have recently reported your card lost or stolen your bank will not authorize a deposit on the card.
  • Have you hit your deposit limit? - It's always a good idea to have a deposit limit on your account. However you may be trying to deposit over your limit, head to the deposit section in my account to see how much you have left on your limit.
  • Have you completed your ID verification? If you haven't verified your account, your account may be temporarily suspended due to ID requirements. Please ensure that you have completed your verification before you try make a deposit.
  • Card still not working? - We suggest you get in contact with your financial institution to discuss any blocks that may be present on your card. 

Are you trying to deposit with someone else's payment method?

Uh oh! Sorry, you can only add payment methods that are registered under your name, you won't be able to add someone else's funds.

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