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Not able to make a Deposit or place any Bets?  Your account may have been suspended from one of the reasons listed below.


The most common reason for account suspension is because your account has not been verified.

As of May 2nd 2022 Sportsbet is required to verify your identity within 3 days opening an Account. If your identify is not verified within 3 days, your account is suspended and you will be unable to withdraw funds from your account until it is verified.

To find out more about, read our Help Centre article: How do I verify my account online?

Incorrect Personal Details

You need to let us know when you change any of your personal information like your Address or Name.

If you haven't kept your personal information up to date, has the right to suspend your Betting Account.

To find out more, read our Help Centre article: How do I update my Personal Details?

Responsible Gambling

The Responsible Gambling Team reserve the right to suspend an account if they wish to speak to a customer about their betting activity.

To find out more, visit our Responsible Gambling site

Customer Security & Fraud

We reserve the right to suspend any account that shows activity that is deemed to be suspicious, like:

  • Duplicate Accounts
  • Chargeback issues
  • Unusual betting patterns
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