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How are Bonus Bets paid out?

Any winnings received from a bonus bet will be minus the initial stake amount!

When you place a bet using a bonus bet the winnings are calculated differently to a cash bet. A bet placed with a Bonus Bet will pay out the winnings minus the bonus bet stake. For example, if you placed a $20 Bonus Bet at odds of $10 your winnings would be $180. This is calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds ($20x $10 = $200) and then subtracting the stake of the bet ($200 - $20 = $180).

I didn't receive any winnings from my Bonus Bet?

If you didn't receive any winnings from a winning bet placed with a bonus bet, this is due to the winnings being less than the bonus bet stake. This often occurs if you have placed a boxed exotic (EG Boxed Trifecta) or impacted by a dead heat.


For example, you placed a $10 bonus bet on a boxed trifecta with 4 selections. This means your bonus bet is split up to have $0.41 on each of the 24 possible combinations and the bet wins with a dividend of $20. This means you'd receive ($0.41 * $20) - $10 = $0. This is because the winnings from the trifecta dividend $0.41 * $20 = $8.20 are less then the initial bonus bet stake. 

Or you placed a $10 bonus bet on a footy team paying $1.50, they've ended up with a draw for the game, this means both teams are paid out as winner, but at half the odds. This means you'd receive

($10 * 0.75)= $7.50 - $10 = $0.

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