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How do I receive Bonus Bets?

Bonus Bets are given to customers for many reasons which can include:

    1. Primarily accessible through our weekly specials as advertised on site.
    2. Personalised offers sent via email, SMS or in the Sportsbet App.
    3. Prizes for free games such as tipping.
    4. Justice Refunds when you have selected a winner, and something extraordinary happens that affects the outcome we may refund your bet in bonus bets at our discretion.

Please note, our Customer Service Team do not handle bonus bet requests, please refer to our weekly specials and ensure that you are subscribed to marketing material to receive bonus bet offers.

How do I opt in to receive Bonus Bets?

To receive bonus bet offers, you need to ensure that you are opted in to receive marketing material. You can do this by navigating to the “My Account” section on the website. You can then click on the “Settings” tab to find your contact preferences.


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